COVID-19 Update

Good evening Students, Faculty, and Staff. Across our campuses, we have had the opportunity to speak to most of you directly over the last 48 hours. We wanted to post an update knowing that we’ve likely missed some as we’ve circulated throughout our campuses. We continue to watch as the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves and we continue to prepare for the likely scenario that our classes will need to move to a virtual format very soon. Our faculty and staff have been involved in many hours of training and planning toward the possibility of the current scenario. We have been in contact with our state agencies, accrediting bodies, and the Department of Education and believe we are very well positioned to be able to transition to a virtual format at this point. We will provide a follow-up update again tomorrow, Friday 13, 2020.

Students – All students should now have access to Gwinnett’s Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas. The url to access is or you can access the link directly from our website under About Us > Canvas Login across the top. We have been building out the content within our courses and have begun adding you to your classes. In Sarasota, we plan to transition from the LMS programs we’ve been using over to Canvas as we begin our next month’s classes. Additionally, through Canvas, we have the opportunity to hold virtual lectures with your instructors through the Conferences feature within Canvas. When you login, please make yourselves comfortable with that feature. We plan to you use this feature a lot.

Most importantly, we are aware of the various school and college closings and will continue to follow the COVID-19 situation very closely. Please continue to be safe. If you experience symptoms such as a fever or dry cough, please do not come on campus but reach out to your campus for guidance. Please also notify us before coming onto campus if you have traveled out of the country, on a cruise ship, or to any known hot zones.

While the entire situation is difficult, it will ultimately pass and we will be able to get the entirety of our focus back onto pursuing your new career.