Veterans Benefits

We appreciate our veterans’ sacrifice and service to our country and are proud to serve them!

The educational assistance program administered by the Department of Veterans Administration (DVA), under which a potentially eligible veteran and/or service person may be entitled, is largely dependent on when the individual served on active duty. The DVA administers 11 educational assistance programs, and the basic eligibility criteria may vary from one to another. Generally, only the DVA can determine an applicant’s eligibility for educational assistance. In some instances, the DVA will rely on the military to make the eligibility determination. It is most important to identify under what program a college student may qualify, as the types of benefits payable will vary as well as the types of college courses or programs of education that may be certified to the DVA.

For more complete information about Chapter 33 benefits, Chapter 35 benefits and the other veterans benefits programs, CLICK HERE for their website.