Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

Our learning resource centers serve the study and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff. The collections consists of a combination of hard copy and on-line media including books, periodicals, databases, and electronic resources. Students are oriented to the resources available by appropriately trained support personnel. Relevant research assignments are made throughout each program of study that require students to utilize the resources to strengthen their research and analytical skills. All students have access to Georgia’s online library, GALILEO, through the state library system.  Paralegal students have access to Fastcase.  Computers are Internet accessible and students are encouraged to use the Internet to read newspapers, periodicals, and other information resources to complete class projects.  The campuses also have Wi-Fi accessibility throughout each campus for student and instructor use.

Additionally, we strive to maintain additional resources to help you as part of our learning resource system.  The following documents are items we believe you may find useful as part of our learning resource system.


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Using Search Engines

Judging Reliability of Internet Information

Understanding Call Numbers

Dewey Decimal Classification

Dewey Decimal Conversions

Virtual Library Databases


Medical Assistant Online Resources

Medical Assistant Websites

Medical Office Assistant Useful Sites

Useful Sites by Program Area

Khan Academy


Ovid Books

Google Scholar

Films on Demand



Blausen Medical Videos


Massage Library with Dr. James Mally


Other Handy Sites

Personal Budgeting

Identity Theft Information

Living Will Sample

Loan Agreement Sample