6 Reasons to Get a Phlebotomy Certification

Are you a medical assistant that is looking to get a phlebotomy certification? Receiving a phlebotomy certification provides the medical assistant with the education needed to advance in an ever-growing medical field. Medical assistants get into the medical field and stay there because they love what they do. It takes quite a knack to find veins and draw enough blood for the specific tests. With a phlebotomy certification, a medical assistant is in a better position to help their patients. Training is supplied for those attending continuing education training to obtain a phlebotomy certification.

Why Get A Phlebotomy Certificate?

A phlebotomy certification is essential for advancing your medical assistant career. Employers will look to their medical assistant and identify if they have received training and certification in phlebotomy. Phlebotomy is also rewarding, as you are an integral part of the medical team and helping patients at the same time.

Six Reasons to Get a Phlebotomy Certificate

If you are wondering if adding a phlebotomy certificate as a medical assistant is right for you, there are six reasons to consider. Getting a phlebotomy certification only takes a few months, the medical assistant will help patients feel comfortable during a blood draw, they work in a field that is constantly growing, medical assistants work alongside colleagues that care about their patients, a medical assistant will improve their chances of advancement by obtaining a phlebotomy certification, and medical assistants that have a phlebotomy certification are a valuable asset to the medical field.

Quick Phlebotomy Certification

It doesn’t take very long to complete a phlebotomy certificate program. It only takes a few short months to complete this training at a vocational school.

Help Patients Feel Comfortable

Going to have your blood drawn is often uncomfortable, especially for children and babies. A medical assistant will work to calm patients down before and during the blood draw. This can provide satisfaction to the medical assistant that performs phlebotomy.

Work in a Field that is Constantly Growing

Because of the aging population, medical care is needed now more than ever. More and more people are in need of a blood draw for testing to determine their health and current diagnosis. The field of phlebotomy is in high demand and you can constantly grow with it.

Work with Colleagues Who Have a Passion for Patient Care

It helps to have a passion for patient care and you’ll find that most of your coworkers feel the same way. Working alongside doctors, nurses and medical staff that want to help patients is why so many medical assistants stay within this field.

It’s a Great Start for Advancement

Even if your plan is not to stay working as a medical assistant, learning phlebotomy helps you to get your foot into the medical field. With your skills as a medical assistant and phlebotomist you can begin working in hospitals, laboratories and doctor’s offices. Medical assistants that perform phlebotomy can be found in many different medical offices, so opportunities to advance are within reach.

Be a Valuable Asset to the Medical Field

While medical assistants that perform phlebotomy may seem like they are overlooked, they are an integral part of the medical field. Without their phlebotomy skills and certificate, patients wouldn’t have blood drawn for special tests and diagnostics. This could result in patients getting sicker and not receiving the right treatment.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to start your career as a medical assistant that performs phlebotomy, it is important to receive the right training and education. By receiving a phlebotomy certification, you can begin your work in the field of blood drawing and can become a beneficial asset to the medical facility and patients.

Once you make the decision to get a phlebotomy certification, you are doing something that is going to benefit you and your future career. You will also help countless patients to feel comfortable about this anxious situation.

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