Where can I Work as a Massage Therapist?

Are you tired of the 9 to 5? Massage therapists can work in very interesting locations on their own time table. All they need is a diploma in massage therapy and the ambition to become a successful massage therapist.

Where can I Work as a Massage Therapist?

Massage Franchises – Franchise organizations that offer massage to patrons in local communities employ massage therapists to work with customers. This type of employment can offer more stable work than self-employment. One of the bigger massage franchises is Massage Envy. Massage Envy has 11 locations in the greater Atlanta area and 14 locations in the Raleigh-Durham area (Where Gwinnett College’s campuses are located).

Spas, Hotels & Resorts – Many massage therapists will take a traditional position at a spa or resort and have the ability to work with a steady amount of clientele. Some travel may be involved if you work for a chain of hotel or resorts.

Hospitals & Clinics – Patients are in need of massage therapy. Some massage therapist will work in hospitals and clinics to help those with patients that have strains or need elder care. Other places for massage therapist to work include sports therapy clinics and sports rehab.

Business Offices – Some organizations offer special perks that include free massages. They employ massage therapists to help employees relax during long days and in high stress environments.

Casinos – Many casinos employ massage therapist to work in resorts and spas. Another exciting job is to roam the casino floor offering poker players the opportunity to a massage after playing for many hours in one position. Working in this environment can be exciting and lucrative.

On A Cruise Ship – Love traveling and want a great way to pay for the trip? Be a massage therapist aboard a cruise ship. You can take the time to enjoy the locales you visit while paying for your trip as a massage therapist.

Malls & Conventions – Customers of massage therapists are on their feet much of the day and are shopping at malls or attending conventions. The massage therapist can set up a booth to offer massages to fellow shoppers to help them relax after a long day of standing.

Gyms & Fitness Centers – Gym members often work out rigorously and need a massage therapist to recondition muscles to allow them to recover. Some high-end gyms employ massage therapists directly while others allow freelance massage therapist to make appointments with gym members after their workout.

At Clients’ Homes – Massage therapists can work for themselves or an organization and make house calls. As a self-employed massage therapist, clients will allow you to travel to their home and offer payment for massage therapist services. No overhead is needed so start-up costs are minimal.

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

The American Massage Therapy Association offers guidance in workplace options for massage therapists. Their guides talk more about working at a franchise, at fitness and sports massage locations, at medical and health care related settings, in spas and as a self-employed massage therapist.

Ready to become a massage therapist and work in an exciting new setting? Upon graduation, Massage Therapy Program students will receive diplomas and be qualified to seek entry-level positions as clinical, medical, or deep tissue massage therapists in wellness clinics and centers, spa environments including resorts and franchises, and self-employment.