8 Tips for Writing a Business Resume

It only takes seconds to make a first impression. Make a good first impression with the human resources manager when they review your resume. The business industry can be competitive so it is important to write a good resume and stand out from the crowd. Consider these 8 tips for writing a business resume and landing your next telephone interview.

#1 Include Personal Information at the Top

You want it to be easy for the human resources manager to know your name and contact information so they can contact you for a telephone interview. As a business professional, you must sell yourself and that starts with your name and contact information. Make sure to include your name, full address, phone number and email address so the human resources manager can contact you.

#2 Start with an Impactful Summary (instead of an objective)

Use the beginning of your resume to summarize why you are perfect for the business position. This is considered an “elevator pitch.” Consider the fact that you only have one sentence to persuade the human resources manager to decide whether to invite you for a telephone interview or not. When writing the summary:

  • Start by using the job title of the job you are applying for
  • Include how many years’ experience you have in the industry
  • Include the skills or characteristics that make you perfect for this position

#3 Tailor Your Business Resume to the Company and Industry

Don’t just send out a templated resume to ever employer. Read the job description and try to pick out phrases and skills they are looking for. Add these phrases and skills to your resume so the human resources manager picks you for a telephone interview.

Another reason to include keyword phrases is to allow business managers to find you on job submission websites. Most job websites have an algorithm that offers search results for business managers that are looking for candidates with specific phrases. By including those phrases the business manager is looking for, your resume will come up in the search results.

#4 Keep Your Business Resume to One Page

The human resources manager only has a minute to review your resume and decide if they want to move forward with the interview. Make sure to keep your resume to one page so it is not daunting to read. If you have more than 10 years’ experience than you can consider a second page so you don’t show any gaps in your work experience.

#5 Use Bullet Points to List Accomplishments

Include the position you held, the company’s name and date of the work experience. Make sure to add a few bullet points that explain your accomplishments while working at the business. Instead of just listing your responsibilities use results to explain your responsibilities as accomplishments. Include three to five bullet points that best explain how you helped the business and what you will bring to the table at the company you are applying to. Also, add numbers to your accomplishments to explain the impact you made at your previous company. Did you increase sales, manage a certain number of employees or a specific budget? Make sure they know what you did and how you will help the new company.

#6 Don’t Waste Space with Your Education Information

Add the vocational school name, degree or diploma obtained, and the year you graduated. If you are a recent graduate, replace work experience with a bullet list of course work relevant to the position you are applying for. Focus your resume on why you can help the new company and what you have done to prove yourself worthy.

#7 Hold References for the Final Interview

Save references for the end of the hiring process when the employer asks for them. This is usually a good sign as the employer is considering hiring you but just wants one last confirmation that you are the right candidate for the job. Also, some employers will use references to better understand how to manage and train you, if they have already decided to hire you.

#8 Create a Linkedin Profile

Your Linkedin profile can be as important as your resume. Ask colleagues to share your skills and write references on your Linkedin profile. Request current and old colleagues to add you to their network. Add photos, videos and articles to show off your skills. Include all your previous work experience and education to complete your profile. Try to tell a story instead of just cutting and pasting the information from your resume.

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