Massage Therapy Instructor / Clinic Supervisor — Atlanta – posted 11/2/2020

Gwinnett College — Atlanta is currently seeking Georgia Licensed Massage Therapists to join our faculty for the student massage clinic.  Candidates must have a minimum of five years’ experience as a massage therapist and have an active, unencumbered license from the State of Georgia.  Clinic supervisors are responsible for management of the student clinic including both clients and massage students.  This includes supervising massage sessions, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and assisting students with documentation and SOAP notes.  This is a part-time position.

Education Required:  Massage Therapy Diploma/Certificate

Experience:  Five Years

Email resume to TDavis@gwinnett.test for our Sandy Springs location or lmclario@gwinnett.test for our Lilburn location.

Job Description:  The Clinic Supervisor position is both administrative and hands on in nature consisting of scheduling clients; taking payments from clients; handling phone calls; supervising students in clinic and training students regarding office operations during their internship.  S/he communicates regularly with the Campus/Clinic Director to ensure students are meeting their program requirements. 

Administrative responsibilities include:

      1.  Open school door, cut off alarm system by keying in confidential code. Alarm is on the left wall as you walk into the door. If class is in session you will not have to perform this task.

  1. Open front office door and unlock window. (At Raleigh Campus only)

3. Check all clinic rooms to make sure they are clean. All rooms should have one radio, facial tissues, mirror, clock and trash can in them.

  1. Check the voice mail front office to see if any cancellations have been called in that morning. Directions for checking voice mail are in back of the clinic book.  Leave any message that do not concern clinic for the administrative assistant for the following day.  Do not erase any messages unless they pertain to clinic for that day or have been posted.
  1. Help students pull charts for the day. Charts will be found in the clinic director’s office.  Please be careful when filing, all charts should be in alphabetical order.  Charts may be misfiled so please double check before assuming they are new clients.
  1. Have intake forms, blank charts for new clients, pain scale, and client feedback forms ready for clinic that day. Supervisors are responsible to make sure we have plenty of forms in slot for next clinic day.
  1. Have cups/water ready for student therapists so they can offer to the client.
  1. If it’s the student’s first day in clinic, the supervisor will go through the process of reviewing the intake form with client. The supervisor should also give the student an intake form as an example along with a list of questions the student may use as a go by.  This is to help the new student feel more confident in dealing with clients.
  1. Check in on students during massage session, the door should be slightly cracked at all times. Give feedback on body mechanics.  Be available to step into room and give feed back at your discretion.  The student may call you into room also for help.
  1. When session is over, ask client if student had them fill out feedback form (and collect it). Supervise students taking clients’ payments and the recording of the payment on the clinic ledger sheet. Make future appointments for client at this time.
  1. Throughout the day, the supervisor should check client charts to make sure students are fully documenting, signing, and dating SOAP notes correctly. When done reviewing chart, initial beside student signature as well as on the student’s log sheet.  Review any errors with student and file client charts back into file cabinets.  Alphabetical order please!!!!! 
  1. Fill out supervisor feedback form on student. Student must keep up with their sheets/forms and hours in their personal folder.  The student’s clinic log sheets should also be kept in this folder as a log of all of the massages the student has done.  All of these must be initialed by the supervisor before he/she can receive a grade for the course.  Furthermore, this log contains an area to mark if the student no shows or shows late for the clinic.  In these situations, the student should receive a “strike”for the incident.  If the student has two incidents, he/she will receive a “W”as a grade for that section of the clinic practicum.  This will require the student to repeat that particular section/course and lose any massage hours already accumulated for the section.
  1. Ensure there are plenty of copies of all clinic available for the next day/shift.
  1. Call clinic clients on the next clinic schedule to remind them of next appointment. Remind ALL clients of our 24-hour cancellation policy.  Call all students and the supervisor for the next shift to remind them as well.
  1. Students should know to arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled shift to pull the client’s file and prepare their bay for their first client. If the student has not arrived 15 minutes before their shift, call the student to be sure they are on their way.
  1. Check to make sure clinic rooms have been cleaned and the lights have been shut off by student before they leave.