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Carrie Taylor – Myofascial Treatment of the Cylinder of the Cervical Spine/Advanced Fascial Approaches to Ribcage and Scoliosis / Visceral Release

March 15 @ 10:00 am - March 17 @ 5:00 pm


Carrie Taylor – Myofascial Treatment of the Cylinder of the Cervical Spine


Day 1: The Cylinder of the Cervical Spine: Advanced Fascial and Osseous Approaches

This advanced myofascial and osseous class is spent focused on the cervical spine, its anatomical components, and treatment of disorders most commonly associated with this region.

Participants can expect to spend much of their time on sensitively palpating the delicate structures of this region, in order to facilitate their ability to adequately determine the source of the patient’s complaint, while gaining patient trust and decreasing guarding, to advance treatment goals.

Cervical arthritis/radiculopathies, thoracic outlet syndrome, dysphagia, temporomandibular dysfunction, torticollis, “pinched nerve syndrome”, etc. are covered, in order to provide therapists with the knowledge of where to focus their attention when treating complicated cases involving this region.

Cultivating comfort in palpation, knowledge of anatomy, and therapeutic confidence, are of paramount importance in developing skill as a manual therapist.  Practitioners will learn to treat the delicate cervical spine in a way that will set them apart from the many other therapists in this field.

Day 2: Advanced Fascial Approaches – Ribcage and Scoliosis

Spinal mechanics are related to the many articulations of the vertebrae with the ribs and costal cartilages, as well as the many fiber directions of ligaments and fascia which help to bind these structures together. This creates complexity in applying treatment modalities, given the need for the ribcage and spine to move effectively every time we breathe in and out, move our arms or trunk, or even when our heart beats. When we inhale the spine, ribs, and connective tissue structures should elongate, when we exhale they should recoil & shorten, provided there is normal joint movement and tissue extensibility to allow this to happen effectively.

If the ribcage is not moving effectively during breathing for postural reasons, or with complications such as surgery or scoliosis, the patient may experience shortness of breath and anxiety. In addition, this may cause heightened muscular tension around the trunk, contributing to circulatory and nervous tissue dysfunction. This may result in a thickening of the fascia and other connective tissue elements, which produces “body armoring” and can increase pain-tension holding patterns in the trunk, neck, shoulders & hips.

Myofascial and visceral manipulation modalities can help improve extensibility & function in the trunk, as well as improve outcomes for patients with scoliosis. Techniques that affect the trunk may be applied indirectly via neck work, peritoneum release, & limb unwinding, or by direct ribcage and spinal joint mobilizations. Soft tissue releases to the intricate muscles and fascia of the trunk such as the three layers of the thoracolumbar fascia, the intertransversareii, interspinales, intercostals, levator costarum, transversus thoracis muscles, and the transversalis/endothoracic fascia, are imperative to improving function in this region. This workshop incorporates work from the level 3 classes on the cervical spine, shoulder, and viscera, as adjuncts to direct ribcage modalities, for centrally and peripherally directed approaches that affect the entire body in a “ripple effect”.

Day 3: Visceral Release

Myofascial release work is extremely effective in improving visceral tone, motility, and mobility, as well as decreasing the symptoms of many digestive disorders, speeding recovery from abdominal surgeries, and smoothing the look of plastic surgery scarring, among other beneficial effects. This two part class is an in depth look at how to assess the organs, both posturally and palpatively, as well as a discussion of the autonomic nervous system, and how it impacts proper functioning of the viscera. Indications & Contra-indications for visceral treatment are covered, based on a thorough evaluation of the possible contribution the organs may have to parietal (body wall) symptoms.

In Part 1, organ balancing hands-on strategies and theory are the focus, based on neurological, circulatory, & lymphatic supply to the thoracoabdominal cavity. When the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are working in sync, the viscera function more effectively and without pathology. We then delve into treatment of the Peritoneum, the fascial sac which encases, or at the very least is attached to all the viscera in some way. In this class we also begin treatment modalities for the Liver, as it is the main detoxifying organ through which all digestive blood is filtered.

Building on the superficial and deep scar tissue treatment learned in other Taylor Fascial classes, we will be focused specifically on abdominal tissue, and gaining access to this sensitive area with patient consent and compliance. Somatoemotional release is also addressed, as this area is quite often associated with stored emotional energy, due to past or current trauma. Patient trust and building a committed and engaged therapeutic relationship even within the context of one treatment session, is imperative to successful patient outcomes.

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Times: 10:00am – 6:00pm each day

Each class is 8 ceus

Special Pricing: March 1 -15
$300/ single day ($900)
$275/day for two day sign up ($550)
$250/day for three day sign up ($750)

Enrollment Closed

Class capacity: 20
*Refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee.

Location: Gwinnett College – Roswell, 1455 Old Alabama Road, Suite 150 Roswell, GA 30076

Contact: Please call us at (770) 381-7200 if you have any questions.

Refunds: No refunds within 2 weeks of class. If there is a documented emergency, you may transfer after to a later class by this instructor.

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March 15 @ 10:00 am
March 17 @ 5:00 pm
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