First Aid/CPR

First Aid/CPR

Gwinnett offers a variety continuing education and professional development courses that are designed to be an “add-on” to existing knowledge and experience in the medical field. Applicants wishing to take one of these courses must provide documentation that they have  prior medical backgrounds, either through coursework or work experience. The courses are intended to enhance a person’s ability to work in their chosen field by adding additional skills and knowledge and are not to be considered as a direct path to a new career.

These courses are not recognized by the schools’ accrediting bodies and do not quality for student financial aid. The schedules for these courses vary and they may not be offered at all campuses. Please contact the campus of your choice for current scheduling information.

We now offer certification and renewal for First Aid/CPR.  The American Heart Association First Aid/CPR card is included with the course. First Aid/CPR renewal courses are held on most Saturdays by appointment. Click the link below to register or call 770-381-7200. Please indicate the date you wish to attend in the notes field if you use the PayPal button to pay.

This class does not apply to needed credits for massage license.

If you are interested in holding a class at your office, please contact us. We are able to accommodate holding classes off site for a minimum class size of 6.