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Financial Aid

Gwinnett College coordinates a variety of programs of financial aid for entering and continuing students including Pell Grant, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and other Alternative Loan Sources. The primary purpose of financial aid is to provide monetary assistance to students who can benefit from post-secondary education, but who cannot do so without such assistance. It is believed that when an individual has the opportunity to develop his or her capacity, that person not only enhances him or herself, but contributes greatly to society. The Financial Aid Office at Gwinnett College is dedicated to:

  • Helping to remove the financial barrier for those students who are unable to pay
  • Easing the financial burden for those who are more able to pay, but still are in need of financial assistance
  • Striving to realize the goal of equality of educational opportunity
  • Providing a consistent method for measuring the ability of families to pay for educational costs
  • Providing all students the opportunity to apply for aid
  • Financial aid is to be offered after a determination that the resources of the family are insufficient to meet the student's educational cost. The Financial Aid Office makes the determination; then, a plan is recommended to the student that may include a combination of more than one type of aid. The College provides student financial aid to eligible applicants and priority is given to students who have the most financial need.

Most awards are renewable if the financial need still exists, if academic and citizenship records are adequate, and if the student is making satisfactory progress. Gwinnett College makes every effort to assist students who need financial aid to complete their college program.

The U.S. Department of Education requires schools to disclose various information about the schools. For the most recent Department of Education disclosures for Gwinnett College, CLICK HERE. You can also visit the College Navigator website for much of this information.

Department of Education Entrance Counseling Video

For students considering the use of student loans to help pay for the cost of your education, it is important for you know the importance of paying those student loans back. Don't take more than you need.



Department of Education Exit Counseling Video

Be sure to understand what happens when you have completed school, including the different options for repayment. Watch this Exit Counseling video produced by the Department of Education for tips and call us if you have any questions.


For students and prospective students who have already completed their FAFSA, you can obtain a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) on the Department of Education's FAFSA website.

To download a copy of a general forbearance form CLICK HERE!

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